daniel applegate, LCPC

I have a deep passion for helping people create lives rich with meaning. I believe that all people have the desire and the ability to live and reach their highest potential. I understand the issues that can prevent us from connecting with ourselves and with others. Through compassion, authenticity, and warmth, I provide my clients a safe place to dive into the real issues and become their own guides once again. The challenges we face can sometimes seem impossible to overcome, but with the right resources and support, challenges can become lessons that transform us for the better.

Veterans, Police, Fire, and other First Responders—Whether you are a combat veteran, police officer, paramedic or EMT, police and fire dispatcher, or fire, your job is very demanding, and often involves first-hand or secondary trauma. I utilize EMDR Therapy for all forms of trauma. My training with EMDR allows me to help you heal from a past or current trauma, and may be utilized in the moment, for critical incidents.

Trauma/Complex PTSD—I work with men and women who have the desire to begin the healing process from trauma. Whether it is childhood sexual or physical trauma, sexual assault trauma, or PTSD from you past, EMDR helps to unlock the healing capacity of the brain and can start you on your road to recovery.

Life Transitions—adoption, career challenges and transitions, grief and loss, life transitions, spirituality and faith, stage of life issues, traumatic events.

College Studentsanxiety, impostor syndrome, cutting and self-injury, depression, drugs and alcohol, anxiety from current political climate, adjusting to living on your own, complex trauma, PTSD, sexual assault, domestic violence.