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Tenyia lewis, lsw

I am a Licensed Social Worker with four years of professional experience working with children, youth, and families, and I especially enjoy working with children and young adults. My areas of expertise include: stress management, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and personal growth. My approach to therapy is multidimensional, exploring each individual's biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs to help them reach their goals - whether that is healing from trauma, building self-worth and self-confidence, or learning to improve communication and relationships. It is important to me evaluate each person within their current environment to provide support and practical feedback in order to effectively address life obstacles. 

I have a passion for working with underserved populations in urban and rural areas. I have always enjoyed and wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and becoming a mental health therapist allowed me the opportunity to provide services in a caring a supportive way. I find purpose in helping some of society's most vulnerable people by being a voice for them when needed and helping them to build their own voice. I believe that each client is an expert of their own story, and that each person has many strengths that assist them in overcoming life's challenges. 

Taking the first step in seeking a happier and more fulfilling life takes courage, and I am here to support you in that process! 

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